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A Personalized Orientation

At Sequent, we do not have blanket asset allocation strategies or boilerplate personal financial or trust/estate templates.  For each client family, we review your goals and hopes, your specific concerns and risks along with your assets and earnings; and from this personal data, an allocation strategy and comprehensive personal financial plan is custom designed, recommended and implemented.

Why Sequent?

Quite simply, our experience and commitment is to focus on serving families that have, had, or will have their own business.  Forged through decades of working with closely held business owners, professionals and high ranking corporate executives, we have a valuable body of knowledge and deployable skill sets in the areas that most impact the accumulation and transfer of wealth for a family.  We help families to focus on maximizing and balancing personal and corporate investments and developing replacement cash flow and liquidity.  Additionally, we help coordinate business leadership transitions along with wealth transfers from one generation to the next, and optimize financial decisions to mitigate the impact of current and future taxation on a family’s wealth.

We seek to serve as a family’s personal chief financial officer to both recommend and coordinate matters important to them.

As a true fee-only family office firm, the only revenue earned by our firm is fees paid to us by our client families.


Sequent’s family office provides a holistic wealth management solution.  Our services include a comprehensive review, analysis, and recommendations across the totality of a family’s financial affairs (assets, debts, tax, insurances, estate/gift planning), combined with the ongoing management for a family’s accumulating wealth in any type of account.


Sequent’s financial counseling services include review, analysis, and recommendations across the seven key areas of a family’s personal financial situation:

  • Balance Sheet – assets and debts
  • Cash Flow – income and expenses
  • Accumulation – savings for retirement, college funding, etc.
  • Insurance
  • Tax – income, capital gains, business, gift and estate
  • Estate & Gift planning
  • Business/Succession planning


As a comprehensive multi‐family office, we dedicate ourselves to providing client specific solutions for our client families.  We help families to focus on maximizing and balancing personal and corporate investments and developing replacement cash flow and liquidity.

This service offering entails a detailed fiduciary–based investment process centered on an investment committee format.


Sequent provides portfolio consulting services that help determine the best asset allocation posture to coincide with beneficiary circumstances and ongoing cash flow needs as well as possible cash/liquidity sources (distributions, re‐financings and sales), selection and oversight of money managers, quarterly reporting on prevailing market, economic, and political conditions that affect overall investments.

Sequent also provides ongoing coordination and liaison services to facilitate distribution requests, tax matters and beneficiary needs for trusts, business partnerships and companies, and charitable entities including trusts and foundations.