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A Customized Approach

Encountering a crossroad in life happens to all of us, time and again.  Our investment and financial planning strategies at Sequent are tailored to each of our clients.  Families have different goals, distinct concerns and varying circumstances.  We do not have boilerplate solutions or model portfolios.  We are 100% fee-only, providing us with unquestioned objectivity to recommend and execute actions for client families.  At Sequent, we come to understand our client families and create financial strategies that achieve their life-long goals.

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Are you worried about your investments or your financial/estate plans meeting your future needs?

For a select group of families – be it a multi-generational family, owning and running a closely held business, a high ranking corporate executive of a publicly traded or privately held company, or a professional with their own practice – we have developed and refined a wealth management process that allows our clients to be prepared for and successfully navigate life’s financial crossroads as they aspire to achieve and maintain true financial independence for their family.

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“We planned with our family office for years…Can you believe that this day has finally arrived!”

“I always thought one day the kids would join the business… Our family office figured out the best way to do just that.”

“Our family office said that there would be a day where we would live on our investment returns and business earnings.”

“We weren’t sure we could afford it, but our family office said we could… and we can!”

“Remember our first home…who would have thought we would be where we are today?  Our family office did, that’s who.”

“I used to worry that we would outlive our financial resources… Our family office made sure we won’t.”

“Thankfully, we set up things at our family office to be ready for a day like today.”

“With our family office…This is how we define return on investments.”


A Client-First Mindset

It’s not what we do, but rather what our clients do and how we work with them to do it better. We specialize in helping families at key financial crossroads in life; such as births, deaths, divorces, starting a business, retirement, selling a business, or whatever crossroad they encounter on the journey they have taken in their lives.

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